Now in this era without proper social media marketing, we cannot stand our business, whether physical or online. So when we decide to market our business through social media, how can we ignore the popularity of Facebook, the top social media platform According to the survey, Facebook has more than 2.9 Billion monthly active users. That’s why we cannot ignore now the importance of Facebook in social media business promotion. Facebook pages are mainly created for businesses or organizations. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps with images. In the end, you will be an expert and create a Facebook page for the organization easily. Follow all these steps and start your business appearance on Facebook with WorldOnTip.

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How to Create a Facebook Business Page Step By Step

As we discussed before the creation of a Facebook page is very simple for beginners or professionals. At this step when you read this article you must have a Facebook account. But In case you don’t have a Facebook account you can simply create it using your Email, Password, DOB, and Mobile Number. Here you need to understand 1 thing your personal account information is not added to the page automatically until you create a page and add it manually for your use. In your personal Facebook account, you can create multiple pages and handle them in a single account. But in case you have a team and you like to share some specific roles with others you can do this by simply adding it to your page using your team member’s personal account.

Step 1: Sign up with Basic Details

Using this create Facebook page link and go into the main page where Facebook asked you to put Basic page information link Business Name, Business Category, and description of your business.

Page name setting in Facebook

Write the name of the Facebook Page in the first section which we highlight in the red box. In our example, we create a page for our this World On Tip website. So we write our business or website name.

In the second section which we highlight in the green box, Facebook shows you multiple categories so you can choose which perfectly fits your business. In our case, we use a personal blog because this category best matches our website social media Facebook page. Here below you can see how we will select the category and which options show when we write the “blog” word.

Select Category For Facebook Page

After this now it’s time to write a short description of your page within 255 characters. So for this section, you can write some short and attractive sentences which engaged your audience or clients. Then click on the “create page” button so we will move into the next step.

Write Facebook Page Description

Step 2: Add Business Profile & Cover Picture

Logo Size170 X 170 Pixels
Cover Size1640 X 856 Pixels

This is the most important part of your FB page first impression. Everyone judges your page by watching the profile and the cover. That’s during this section I will guide you through the simple steps which we need to follow during uploading images. We always prefer to use the logo as your business and make sure your logo is visible and perfectly aligned with the profile. But if you are a personal blogger on Youtube then you can use your personal well-shot image as a brand in your FB profile or also on the cover. Facebook recommended the given size for the Logo and Cover.

When you select the best picture or logo for your brand and upload it then it will look the same as the reference image.

Facebook page profile preview

In the desktop preview right top corner section you can check both mobile and web previews and make sure it will look perfect in both screen sizes.

FB Page desktop and mobile views

Step 3: Connect your Audience with Whatsapp

We know Facebook buy WhatsApp and now we can easily connect WhatsApp with our newly created Facebook page. We prefer WhatsApp because clients feel more comfortable contacting WhatsApp as compared to messenger or any other communication platform. In this step, we verify our Whatsapp number and easily connect it.

Connect Whatsapp With Facebook Page

Add your business Whatsapp number here which you can use for your business. In our case, we only show you the random number but you can use your number and click on the “send code” button. After this, you will receive the code in your Whatsapp application. Copy the code and paste it here and verify your WhatsApp number successfully with your business Facebook page.

Note: This step is optional you can skip it or add Whatsapp number later when you want in the page setting.

Step 4: Create Facebook Page Username

Most of the time viewers ask the same question how to change Facebook page username, username ideas, or examples. Better is during the time of Facebook page creation we create the username too. Which gives our page a unique URL so everyone finds us easily with our unique username. For creating the username you can find the option on the downside of the Facebook profile.

Create Facebook Page Username

So when you click on the create @Username this popup show where we have the option to add a username that is available for our page up to 50 characters. We highly highly recommend creating a username as short as you can. Same like in our case when we create a Facebook page for our website we first apply for “worldontip” and luckily we got this username because no one registered it before. But if I cannot find this username then I go with other options like “realworldontip” “worldontip1” and “officialworldontip”.

Find username for Facebook business page

So once you find your required username without wasting time register it by clicking on the “Create username” button. Then you will receive a popup notification where Facebook assigns the selected username on your page.

Facebook username creation

Congratulations πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ you successfully created your business organization Facebook page. You can share this page with your audience or add status on your personal account or on Whatsapp status. We hope that you like this process with us where we show you how can we create our Facebook page. For any kind of Tech related information, you can always visit our website Word on Tip or use the given search bar for finding any kind of information.

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