History of FIFA World Cup

FIFA was founded in 1904 and its stands for the Federation International de Football Association. It is the sports global governing body. The world championship awarded every four years since it started in 1930. There were only two instances when this world’s most famous world cup was not played those were the years 1942 and 1946 due to world war 11.

International Competitions Before the Foundation of FIFA

1872 was the year when the world’s first International match was played. It’s a challenging match played in Glasgow between Scotland and England.

In 1884 the first International tournament was played under the name of the British Home Championship.

At the start of the 20th Century, Football gains popularity in other parts of the world. Football has been included in the 1900 and 1904 Summer Olympics but no medals were awarded.

These were the early days of Football. The First time when football became an official competition it was the 1908 Summer Olympics in London but this event was for amateur players only. the Gold medal was won by Great Britain (England National Amateur football team)

First time in 1914, FIFA agreed to recognize the Olympic tournament as a World Football Championship for amateurs. FIFA took the responsibility to organize the event. This step leads to the way for the world’s first international football competition in the 1920 summer Olympics.

In 1920 summer Olympics were contested by 14 teams including Egypt and 13 other European teams. Belgium was the winner of the 1920 summer Olympics.

The next two summer Olympics were held in 1924 and 1928 both football tournaments were won by Uruguay.

1924 is the year when FIFA’s professional era started.

Start of the FIFA World Cup

After the successful Olympics football tournaments. FIFA start thinking that they should arrange their own international football tournaments outside the Olympics

FIFA meeting was held in Amsterdam on 28 May 1928 in which it was decided that FIFA would stage an international world championship on its own.

Inaugural World Cup 1930 Uruguay

1930 FIFA world cup winner

The honor to stage the inaugural world cup in 1930 was given to Uruguay. The reason to host the world cup was their brilliant performance in the summer Olympics. Uruguay was two time champion of the Summer Olympics in 1924 and 1928. Thus the FIFA world cup started.

Total 13 Nations took part in the inaugural world cup.

Group AArgentinaChileFranceMexico
Group B YugoslaviaBrazil Bolivia
Group CUruguayRomaniaPeru
Group D USAParaguayBelgium
  • Seven teams from South America
  • Two teams from North America and
  • Four teams from Europe

In the Final, Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2 in front of 93,000 people in Montevideo. Uruguay becomes the first nation to win the world cup.

Foot Ball Dropped from Olympics

International Olympic Committee (IOC) disagreed with the decision of FIFA to stage the Football World Cup by itself. Eventually, they dropped the football from Olympics in Summer Olympics in 1932.

FIFA World Cup 1934 Italy

1934 fifa world cup winner

The second world cup was hosted by Italy. Sixteen teams participated in the world cup. In this world cup, the group stages have been abended. the tournament was played on a knockout system. The group stages keep abended till the 1950 World Cup.

The Sixteen Teams were.

Italy NetherlandsRomaniaSpain,

The Final was played between Italy and Czechoslovakia, and won by Italy by 2-1. This match was attended by 55,000 thousand people.

FIFA World Cup 1938 France

1938 fifa world cup winner

The Third World cup was played in France. Again sixteen teams participated in this world cup as well. As the group stages are abended the tournament is again played on a knockout system. Austria was abolished just before the start of the tournament.

The Teams were.

Austria (Abolished) Belgium BrazilCuba
CzechoslovakiaIndonesia FranceGermany

Italy won the world cup by defeating Hungry by two goals and become the world champion and remain the champion till 1950 as the World Cup 1942 and 1946 were not played due to world war second.

FIFA World Cup 1942 Germany (Cancelled)

The world cup was canceled due to world war second.

FIFA World Cup 1946 (Cancelled)

Canceled due to world war second.

FIFA World Cup 1950 Brazil

1950 fifa world cup winner

The fourth World cup was played in Brazil. Sixteen teams were qualified but India, Scotland, and Turkey have drawn from the world cup. Therefore thirteen teams participated in the tournament. Groups stages were introduced again. These teams were divided into four groups.

Group 1BrazilYugoslavia SwitzerlandMexico
Group 2SpainEngland ChileUSA
Group 3SwedenItaly Paraguay
Group 4UruguayBolivia

The winner of the world cup was not decided in the single-match final.

Uruguay defeated the host Brazil in the deciding match of the four-team group of the final round.

FIFA World Cup 1954 Switzerland

1954 fifa world cup winner

The fifth FIFA world cup was played in Switzerland. Total of Sixteen teams qualified for the tournament. which were divided into four groups.

Group 1 Brazil Yugoslavia FranceMexico
Group 2Hungary West GermanyTurkey South Korea
Group 3UruguayAustriaCzechoslovakiaScotland
Group 4EnglandSwitzerlandItalyBelgium

West Germany won the world cup defeating Hungary 3-2.

FIFA World Cup 1958 Sweden

1958 FIFA world cup winner

The sixth World Cup was staged in Sweden. Sixteen teams participated and were divided into four groups. The groups were.

Group 1West GermanyNorthern IrelandCzechoslovakia Argentina
Group 2France YugoslaviaParaguayScotland
Group 3 SwedenWales HungaryMexico
Group 4BrazilBrazilEngland Austria

The Final was played between Brazil and host Sweden. Brazil won by 5-2

This is the first world cup win for Brazil and the start of the winning steak in world cups

FIFA World Cup 1962 Chile

1962 FIFA world cup winner

The Seventh Edition of the FIFA world cup was played in Chile. Sixteen teams take part in the tournament and were divided into four groups. The groups were.

Group 1 USSR YugoslaviaUruguay Colombia
Group 2 West GermanyChileItalySwitzerland
Group 3 BrazilCzechoslovakiaMexicoSpain
Group 4HungaryEngland ArgentinaBulgaria

Brazil won the match 3-1 defeating Czechoslovakia and successfully defending the title.

FIFA World Cup 1966 England

1966 FIFA world cup winner

The Eighth Edition of the FIFA World cup was staged in England. Sixteen teams again into four groups. groups were.

Group 1EnglandUruguay MexicoFrance
Group 2 West GermanyArgentinaSpainSwitzerland
Group 3Portugal HungaryBrazilBulgaria
Group 4USSRKorea DPRItalyChile

The Final Played between host England and West Germany

England won the match by 4-2

FIFA World Cup 1970 Mexico

1970 FIFA world cup winner

The Ninth Edition of the world cup was hosted by Mexico. Sixteen teams were participated in the tournament and divided into four groups.

Group 1 USSRMexico BelgiumEl Salvador
Group 2 ItalyUruguaySwedenIsrael
Group 3 BrazilEnglandRomaniaCzechoslovakia
Group 4West GermanyBulgaria MoroccoPeru

The Final was played between Brazil and Italy

Brazil won by 4-1 and complete the hat trick of world cups

FIFA World Cup 1974 West Germany

1974 FIFA world cup winner

West Germany hosted the Tenth Edition of the world cup. Sixteen teams into four groups.

Group 1German DR West GermanyChileAustralia
Group 2YugoslaviaBrazilScotlandZaire
Group 3 NetherlandsSweden BulgariaUruguay
Group 4PolandArgentinaItalyHaiti.

West Germany won the title beating Netherland 2-1

FIFA World Cup 1978 Argentina

1978 FIFA world cup winner

The Eleventh Edition of the FIFA World Cup was hosted by Argentina. Sixteen teams divided into four groups

Group 1ItalyArgentinaFranceHungary
Group 2PolandWest GermanyTunisiaMexico
Group 3Austria Brazil SpainSweden
Group 4PeruNetherlandsScotlandIran

The host Argentina won the world cup beating Netherland by 3-1

FIFA World Cup 1982 Spain

1982 FIFA world cup winner

Spain hosted the twelfth edition of the world cup. No of the teams has been increased from 16 to 24 and divided into 6 groups. Four teams in each group. The groups were

Group 1PolandItalyCameroonPeru
Group 2West Germany AustriaAlgeria Chile
Group 3 Belgium ArgentinaHungary El Salvador
Group 4EnglandFranceCzechoslovakiaKuwait
Group 5 Netherlands SpainYugoslaviaHonduras
Group 6BrazilUSSRScotland New Zealand

Italy won the world cup defeating West Germany 3-1. Italy completes its third world cup title equal to Brazil.

FIFA World Cup 1986 Mexico

1986 FIFA world cup winner

13th Edition of the world cup hosted by Mexico. This is the second time that Mexico hosting the world cup in 16 Years as they hosted of 1970 world cup as well. Again 24 teams into 6 groups.

Group AArgentinaItaly BulgariaSouth Korea
Group B MexicoParaguayBelgiumIraq
Group CUSSRFranceHungary Canada
Group DBrazilSpainNorthern Ireland Algeria
Group EDenmarkWest GermanyScotlandUruguay
Group FMoroccoEngland PolandPortugal

Argentina won this football FIFA world cup against West Germany 3-2. This is West Germany’s second consecutive defeat in the world cup Finals

FIFA World Cup 1990 Italy

1990 FIFA world cup winner

The 14th Edition of the word cup was hosted by Italy. 24 teams into 6 groups.

Group A ItalyCzechoslovakia AustriaUSA
Group BCameroonRomaniaArgentina SSSR
Group CBrazil Costa RicaSwedenScotland
Group DGermanyYugoslaviaColombiaUnited Arab Emirates
Group ESpainBelgium UruguayKorea Republic
Group FEnglandRepublic of IrelandNetherlandsEgypt

West Germany won the title beating Argentina 1-0. Finally, West Germany managed to win the title. This was his third consecutive World Cup Final.

FIFA World Cup 1994 United States of America

1994 FIFA world cup winner

The USA hosted the 15th Edition of the World Cup. 24 teams competing for the title were divided into 6 groups. Each group has four teams.

Group ARomaniaSwitzerlandUSAColombia
Group BBrazilSwedenRussiaCameroon
Group C GermanySpainSouth KoreaBolivia
Group DNigeriaArgentina BulgariaGreece
Group EMexico Ireland ItalyNorway
Group FNetherlandsSaudi ArabiaBelgiumMorocco

Brazil won the world cup title defeating Italy in penalty shootouts by 3-2

FIFA World Cup 1998 France

1998 FIFA world cup winner

16th Edition has been hosted by France. At this time FIFA has decided to increase the teams from 24 to 32. So now each team is divided into 8 different groups were 4 teams in each group.

Group ABrazilNorwayMoroccoScotland
Group BItalyChileAustriaCameroon
Group CFranceDenmarkSouth AfricaSaudi Arabia
Group D NigeriaParaguay Spain Bulgaria
Group ENetherlands Mexico BelgiumKorea Republic
Group FGermanySerbiaIR IranUSA
Group GRomaniaEnglandColombiaTunisia
Group HArgentinaCroatiaJamaicaJapan

France won the Final beating Brazil by 3-0

FIFA World Cup 2002 Korea / Japan

2002 FIFA world cup winner

The 17th Edition of the FIFA world cup was combined and hosted by Korea and Japan. Thirty-two teams were qualified and placed into eight groups of four teams each.

Group ADenmarkSenegalUruguayFrance
Group BSpainParaguaySouth AfricaSlovenia
Group CBrazilTurkeyCosta Rica China
Group DSouth KoreaUSAPortugalPoland
Group EGermanyRepublic of IrelandCameroonSaudi Arabia
Group FSwedenEnglandArgentinaNigeria
Group G MexicoItalyCroatiaEcuador
Group HJapanBelgiumRussiaTunisia

Brazil once again won the title beating Germany 2-0 in the Final. This is the 5th world cup title for Brazil. This is the first time in FIFA history and a record winning for Brazil.

FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany

2006 FIFA world cup winner

Germany hosted the 18th Edition of the world cup. This is the second time when Germany hosting the Tournament. Earlier in 1974, the world cup was hosted when its called West Germany. Thirty-two teams participated and were divided into eight groups of four teams

Group AGermany Ecuador PolandCosta Rica
Group BEnglandSwedenParaguayTrinidad and Tobago
Group CArgentinaNetherlandsIvory CoastSerbia and Montenegro
Group DPortugalMexicoAngolaIran
Group E ItalyGhanaCzech RepublicUSA
Group F BrazilAustraliaCroatia Japan
Group GSwitzerland FranceSouth KoreaTogo
Group HSpainUkraineTunisiaSaudi Arabia

Italy won the world cup defeating France 5-3 in a penalty shoot-out as the match ended 1-1 after the extra time. This was Italy’s fourth world cup win after Brazil who won five times.

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

2010 FIFA world cup winner

South Africa has the honor to host the 19th Edition of the world cup. First instance for South Africa to host a big one. Thirty-two teams, Eight Groups, and Four teams in each group.

Group AUruguaySouth AfricaMexicoFrance
Group BArgentinaKorea RepublicGreeceNigeria
Group CUSAEnglandSloveniaAlgeria
Group DGermanyGhanaAustraliaSerbia
Group E NetherlandsJapanDenmarkCameroon
Group F ParaguaySlovakiaNew ZealandItaly
Group G BrazilPortugalIvory CoastKorea DPR
Group H SpainChileSwitzerlandHonduras

Spain won the world cup title beating Netherlands 1-0. This is the first time in FIFA world cup history that Spain wins its first winning title against the Netherlands.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

2014 FIFA world cup winner

Brazil hosted the 20th Edition of the world cup. After 1950 It was the second time when Brazil hosted the tournament. The format of the tournament was the same Thirty-two teams, Eight Groups of four teams each.

Group AMexicoCameroonCroatiaBrazil
Group BChileNetherlandsSpain Australia
Group CIvory CoastJapanGreeceColumbia
Group D ItalyEnglandCosta RicaUruguay
Group E HondurasFranceEcuadorSwitzerland
Group FNigeria IranArgentinaBosnia Herzegovina
Group GUSAGhanaPortugalGermany
Group HSouth KoreaRussiaAlgeriaBelgium

The Final was played Between Germany and Argentina. Germany won the match by 1-0 and completes his fourth world cup title and equal to Italy after Brazil who won five-time still leading the winning streaks of the world cup titles.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

2018 FIFA world cup winner

Russia hosted the 21st Edition of the world cup first time in the history of the country. Thirty-two countries eight groups of four teams each.

Group AUruguayRussiaSaudi ArabiaEgypt
Group BSpainPortugalIranMorocco
Group CFranceDenmarkPeruAustralia
Group D CroatiaArgentina NigeriaIceland
Group E BrazilSwitzerlandSerbiaCosta Rica
Group F SwedenMexicoSouth KoreaGermany
Group G BelgiumEnglandTunisiaPanama
Group HColombiaJapanSenegalPoland

France won the world cup beating Croatia by 4-2 and completing his second world cup title. Croatia, on the other hand, played a wonderful football game though out the tournament and the first time reach the final of the big event. Perhaps their best-ever performance in the history of world cups.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

The 22nd Edition of the World cup tournament will be played in Qatar from 20 November 2022 to 18 December 2022. The format of the tournament will be the same. A total of thirty-two countries will be participated divided into Eight Groups with four teams in Each Group.

Group A QatarEcuadorSenegalNetherlands
Group BEnglandIR IranUSA Wales
Group CArgentinaSaudi ArabiaMexicoPoland
Group DFranceAustraliaDenmark Tunisia
Group E SpainCosta RicaGermanyJapan
Group F BelgiumCanadaMoroccoCroatia
Group GBrazilSerbiaSwitzerlandCameroon
Group H PortugalGhanaUruguayKorea Republic

France is the defending champion. Let’s see how he will defend the title.

FIFA World Cup Winners List by Years

Serial No.World CupHost Winner Runner upScore
1World Cup 1930UruguayUruguayArgentina4-2
2World Cup 1934ItalyItalyCzechoslovakia2-1
3World Cup 1938FranceItalyHungary2-0
4World Cup 1942Cancelled
5World Cup 1946Cancelled
6World Cup 1950BrazilUruguayBrazil
7World Cup 1954Switzerland West GermanyHungary3-2
8World Cup 1958 SwedenBrazilSweden5-2
9World Cup 1962ChileBrazilCzechoslovakia3-1
10World Cup 1966EnglandEnglandWest Germany4-2
11World Cup 1970MexicoBrazilItaly4-1
12World Cup 1974West GermanyWest GermanyNetherlands2-1
13World Cup 1978ArgentinaArgentinaNetherlands3-1
14World Cup 1982SpainItalyWest Germany3-1
15World Cup 1986MexicoArgentinaWest Germany3-2
16World Cup 1990ItalyWest GermanyArgentina1-0
17World Cup 1994USABrazilItaly3-2
18World Cup 1998FranceFranceBrazil3-0
19World Cup 2002Korea/JapanBrazil Germany2-0
20World Cup 2006GermanyItalyFrance5-3
21World Cup 2010South AfricaSpainNetherlands1-0
22World Cup 2014BrazilGermanyArgentina1-0
23World Cup 2018RussiaFranceCroatia4-2
24World Cup 2022

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