Halal and Haram are Islamic words in which halal means “permissible in Islam” and haram means “forbidden in Islam”. Islam has clearly clarified and described through the Holy Quran which food and drinks halal means good to eat and drink and not prohibited and which food haram means not allowed to eat and drink and strictly prohibited. In Holy Quran, it is clearly mentioned in (Surah Al Baqarah, 2 Ayat 168)

” O People, eat from the land what is permitted and good and do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitan, for he is an open enemy to you” (Al Quran 2:168)

So Allah subhana wa tala has given clear guidance to Muslims on what they can and can’t eat or consume. On many other occasions in the Holy Quran, the holy products and foods to eat and drink

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Halal Foods in Islam

Halal means good, permissible, and lawful food to eat and drink in Islam for Muslims. Halal animals are all poultry, all farm animals, sheep, goats, and camels. Some food items are those which are mixed with haram by-products and people are unable to differentiate which is actually halal and which is haram. In most shopping malls and large stores, the products are marked on their packaging that it is halal products so that people can buy the halal products without any fear.

Meats (Beef, Mutton, Chicken)

Halal Meat in Islam

The animals ( Lamb, beef, goat, and chicken) that are slaughtered according to Islamic laws with the name of God and cut to the jugular vein the animal should be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all the blood must be drained out from the carcass. The other halal products in the meat category are fish, camel, venison, and game birds. Fish and other seafood need not be slaughtered.

Fruits and Vegetables

Halal Fruits and vegetables in Islam

Almost all fresh fruits and vegetables are halal until or unless these are not injected or mixed with non-halal products, their ingredients, or by-product. These include all seasonal fruits and vegetables which are commonly used by Muslims.

Water, Milk, and Fresh Juices

Halal Drinks in Islam

Clean drinking water, milk of buffalo, cow, goat, and sheep, and fresh juices are all good and halal food in Islam unless they are not mixed with the haram products. Dairy products are made not from haram products.

Haram Food in Islam

Haram food is not good, unlawful, and prohibited in Islam. The use of these items knowingly is a great sin. All the animals which are slaughtered without the name of Allah are haram. The carnivores animals and birds are harams. These are those animals who eat the meat of other animals and birds or those who drink blood. These animals are lions, dogs, wolves, tigers, falcons, eagles, owls, snakes, crocodiles, reptiles are haram animals.

Meat (Pork and its by-products)

Haram Meats in Islam

The meat of pork and its by-products in all shapes and in all products are strictly unlawful, prohibited, and sinful in Islam. If pork meat or its by-products are mixed in halal food makes the food haram as well. All the animals and birds who are died of natural causes. And all those animals and birds fell from height and died.

Alcohol and Blood

Haram Drinks in Islam

Alcohol and blood are drinks that are strictly unlawful and prohibited in Islam and in Holy Quran for Muslims. All foods that contain a combination of alcohol and blood are also prohibited in Islam for Muslims.

Animals of Land and Water

Frogs and Newts

All those animals who reside both on land and water are haram in Islam. These include frogs and newts.

These are the haram and halal foods, drinks, and animals in Islam. Hope you find this article informative and interesting. To read more articles about interesting topics visit worldontip.com. Also, follow us on our Facebook Page. Share this article with your family and friends. Comment below if you like it. To search our latest articles click on the search bar below.