You want to run a successful business on social media Right? But just imagine if your page cannot properly visible it might be hurt your struggle. But don’t worry you are here in the right place (World On Tip) where we share with you all the simple tips with images and examples. So at the end of this article, you will know how can you exactly optimize Facebook page settings with all details. Before starting optimization, if you cannot create a Facebook page then you might read our previous article. Where we guide step-by-step with our own official Facebook page example.

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After the page creation, we need to add settings and some simple optimization for the best visibility in the Facebook database. A properly optimized Facebook captures a huge audience reach as compared to a non-optimized Facebook page.

Facebook Page Optimization Checklist

If you read our previous article where we create a Facebook page then you must know that during page creation we also complete these tasks for optimization. Now when we open our new Facebook page at the front we see the option “Set your Page up for success“. Same as you can see in the image.

Facebook Page Optimization Options

For the recommended optimization of the page, we need to complete all these tasks that facebook recommend. That’s why Facebook shows this option for us. So in the below section, we cover all these tasks step by step with the images.

Add Profile Picture

upload Facebook profile image

Always use brand logo image with proper alignment. So the audience is easily attracted by watching your brand logo picture. Check Facebook recommended profile picture dimension down below.

Facebook Profile Recommended Size180 x 180 Pixels
Profile should be properly readable in40 x 40 Pixels

For step-by-step guidelines, you can visit this link where we explain all the steps with images.

Upload Cover Picture

upload Facebook cover image

A Facebook cover is the first impression when someone visits your page. Most visitors expect the business or organization working information on the cover. That’s why we focus on alignment and proper visibility on mobile and desktop previews. Facebook cover recommended size down below.

Facebook Cover Recommended Size1640 x 856 Pixels

In our previous article we explain in detail step by step how can you upload a cover image and check the preview on both screens (Mobile & Desktop). Visit this page and check all the steps once with images.

Write Page Description

Facebook allows us to create a page description of 255 characters. Here you can highlight your page or your business services or highlight. We can add a description when we create the page but if you skip the page description you can add it later. For adding description go to “Edit Page” Info and add “description”.

Select Page Category

select Facebook page category

This section determines the category of your page. So Facebook knows about your business and shows the page to the targeted audience. That’s why we can say this is the backbone of our page optimization. During page creation and simply go “Edit Page Info” and then select the best-matched category for your page.

Create a Custom Username

Facebook username optimization

In short, a username is a unique URL of your page that we can use to share or anyone can easily remember it. For audience or optimization of the page, we not only consider the Facebook searches. No doubt the Facebook audience is helpful for better reach but a simple and short URL is easy to remember. So it will also help us to increase the visitors and the optimization or visibility of our page. Check this link and see how can we find the best username for our page which helps our audience to find our page.

Add Whatsapp Number

connect WhatsApp with Facebook business page

Right now we prefer to communicate on Whatsapp even though our business also shifts to WhatsApp for sharing images, audio, and video calls. Facebook page optimization means giving easy access to our audience so they can easily find our page and select the easiest way to communicate. Here WhatsApp come during the page creation you can easily connect your page with a WhatsApp number where you can handle all the communication and the exchange of data. Check how we connect Whatsapp with our Facebook page during the page creations. But if you skip this process don’t worry you can add WhatsApp any time in the setting. For this go to the Page Setting then select Whatsapp.

Add Website

Add website in Facebook Page

In the “Set your page up for success” we find the next option of the website. Where we need to add the website. So in this section, you can add your official business website same as we add our website on our official Facebook page. But if the website is not created and you have a plan to create it later then select the second “My page doesn’t have a website“. This part is also good for our website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and once our page starts engaging the people we also get traffic to the website.

Add Business Location or Work Hours

Add business hours or location in Facebook Page

This step is important which have a local business. You can add details and select the working hours in this step. The steps are pretty simple just click on “Add location info” and then the window appears when you can see the image. Put your address there so your audience finds your office and meets visit there. Same you can add working hours where you find different options and select which option perfectly matches your working timing.

Add Mobile Number

add mobile number in Facebook Page

Same in this step we select the “Phone Number” option and then add the business number. It will help our audience to contact us outside the Facebook page, Whatsapp, or Messenger. Same like other options we can also skip the mobile number by selecting the second option if we don’t want to add it.

Add an Action Button

This call to action button has multiple options according to the work or category of the page. Select the best one which is more useful for your page. After this, a button adds to the right side of your page name.

Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Now all the steps are clear and it’s time to invite our friends to our page for following. Here we can apply to all our friends at once and send an invitation. Here as much as our friends on Facebook we have the opportunity to get more likes and followers.

We hope this informative article is helpful for you and you successfully optimized your social media page for better reach, clients, and audience. Share this with your business partners or friends on Facebook and if you have any questions related to this article feel free to share in the comment section.