Umrah is a minor pilgrimage and in Arabic, the word umrah is from I’timor it means paying a visit to Kaaba for tawaf, sa’y. There is no time fixed for Umrah it can be performed at any time during the year. Here we discuss the four main pillars of Umrah.



Ihram is two white plain clothes without seams, hems, or buttons worn by male Muslims during the Umrah and Hajj. One piece is izar which is wrapped around the waist covering the area of the navel and up to the feet and the other is for the top to cover the upper portion of the body including the left shoulder. The right shoulder will remain uncovered during Umrah. The reason to wear the same clothing and appear the same by every Muslim is significant that in front of God there is no difference between a King and a pauper. and it also shows the unity among all Muslim brothers and sisters who worship Allah. Male Muslims are not allowed to cut their nails and trim their hair and beards during Ihram.

When to Wear Ihram?

Muslims should be changed into Ihram clothes before Miqat. Miqat is referred to as the principal boundary where it becomes necessary for the Muslims who intend to perform the hajj of umrah to enter the state of Ihram. There are five miqat points for the Muslims from all over the world those travel to Mecca to perform hajj or umrah out of these five points four of them were designated by our holy prophet Muhammad PBUH and one by the second caliph Umar ibn al Khattab. Number 1 is Qam al-Manazil which is 82 kilometers from Mecca for Muslims coming from Najd side Number 2 is Yalamlam is 105 kilometers from Mecca for Muslims coming from Yemen side Number 3 is Dhat Iraq which is 110 kilometers from Mecca for Muslims coming from Iran and Iraq and this point was defined by Umar ibn al Khattab Number 4 is Al-Juhfah 179 kilometers from Mecca for the Muslims visiting from Syria, Palestine, Jordan side, etc and the Number 5 is Dhul- Hulayfah which is 424 kilometers from Mecca is for the Muslims from Medina.

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Tawaf is obligatory for the completion of the hajj and umrah it is circling around the Kaba seven-time anticlockwise. The area around the Kaba where the pilgrims walk is called the mataaf. Tawaf starts from the Hajr-e-Aswad which is a black stone. Muslims stand in front of the black stone making intention for the tawaf with the dua Bismillahi Allahu akbar wa lillahil hamd. It means ( I begin with the name of Allah, Allah is the greatest, and all praises to Allah) A circle is completed every time when you reach in front of a black stone and you will complete the seven circles to perform tawaf, During tawaf each time when you crossed the black stone you say Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest). After completion of the tawaf (7 circles) go towards the Maqam Ibrahim and recite the Quran verse which means And take you (people) the maqam (place) of Ibrahim as a place of prayer (Al Quran 2:125) and pray two Rakat salat near to Maqam e Ibrahim if convenient and possible.


After tawaf, it comes the important, obligatory, and essential part of the hajj, and umrah is sa’y. It is a walk and runs between the hills of Safa and Marwa a total of seven times. The walk starts from Safa and ends at Marwa is one stretch and from Marwa to Safa complete the two times and so on till you complete the seven-time. These two hills are located near Kaba in the mosque complex. This act is to commemorate and tribute the story of Hajjra the wife of prophet Ibrahim who ran out between these two hills in the search of water for her son Ismail after Ibrahim left them in the valley upon command of Allah.


Tahallul means making something permissible or lawful. It means freeing oneself from the prohibitions and ending the state of Ihram during hajj and umrah. It is a compulsory requirement for hajj and umrah. Tahallul is the shaving or shortening of the head hairs

Those people are lucky who got the chance to perform Umrah. It is a beautiful moment for every Muslim. May Allah also give you chance to perform Umrah and Hajj. Visit our website for more amazing articles. Hope you find our articles interesting and informative. Also, follow us on Facebook. Click on the search bar below to search our articles.