The growth of religion depends upon the increasing number of followers throughout the world. Islam is the second largest religion to be followed after Christianity.

It is expected that by the year 2075 Islam will be the most followed religion in the world. Let’s take a look at the reasons that make Islam the fastest-growing religion in the world.


Reasons Why Islam is the Fastest-Growing Religion

Following are the reasons given below:

1. Rights of Women

When we talk about Rights Islam is the only religion that gives rights to Women, like sharing in inheritance, protection, freedom to choose their husbands, etc this thing inspires many non-muslim women and they converted to Islam. Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) set examples for mankind to follow and treat women with kindness.

2. Happiness and Peace

In this world full of worries and stress people are losing their spiritual values and trying to find peace and true happiness. They don’t have time for self-development. Quran is the Holy book that was sent by Allah for Muslims to find guidance, peace, and spirituality. By reading Quran and by following the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) a Muslim can live a peaceful and happy life. When the non-muslims see how a Muslim is living a peaceful life they start to search for the reasons and one of the reasons is Islam. It inspires them and they begin to read about Islam.

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3. Quranic Miracles

One of the reasons why people are converting to Islam is the Quranic Miracles. There are a lot of facts that are already written in the Quran but scientists discovered it later. This thing amazes most people and causes them to accept Islam as a religion.

4. Holy Quran

As we all Muslims know the Quran is the only authentic, true, and unchanged book. All the other books like Bible, the Torah, and zaboor got changed by people according to their own will and desires. They did not contain authentic content and that is why it is difficult for non-muslims to believe and trust their religion but due to authenticity they start to read Islam and in the end, they will accept Islam.

5. Technology

It is an era of technology. Every single person in the world uses social media. There are so many youtube channels and programs about Islam and deen. Numerous Islamic Scholars taught people about Islam, how they should spend their life, what is haram and what is halal, and the concept of hell, heaven, angels, and each and everything. Sometimes the personality and character of the scholar inspire non-muslim to accept Islam.

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6. Marriage

Women from other religions marry Muslim men and later gradually accept Islam. Because in Islam a Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non-muslim man but Muslim men are allowed to marry non-muslim women. This will increase the rate of Islam followers.

7. Non-Muslims accepting Islam

Some non-muslims accept Islam by looking at the behavior of the Muslims. As Muslims follow the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and the prophet teaches us to show kindness towards non-muslims and to forgive others. So the kindness and forgiving nature impress most Muslims and they accept Islam.

Reasons why islam is fastest growing religion

There are a lot of Islamic scholars like Dr. Israr Ahmed, Dr. Zakir Naik, Tariq Jameel, Nouman Ali Khan, and Farhat Hashmi to whom you can listen and can get answers to your questions about Islam.

There are numerous reasons and incidents that lead people to choose Islam as their religion. Islam is still growing and it will grow more in the future. Inshallah.

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We hope that you find this video informative and profitable. Comment below if you know more reasons why Islam became the Fastest growing religion in the world. We will see you in our next article. Keep Reading!

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