Kabaddi is a contact game and is very popular in the sub-continent, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Now kabaddi has gained popularity in other parts of the world and European teams also start playing this game.

Rules in Kabaddi

  • Size of the ground
  • Team members
  • Duration
  • Steps to play kabaddi

Types of Passes in Football

Size of the Ground

Kabaddi is played in a circle ground or pitch which is 22 meters or 72 ft circle. The pitch is divided into two parts, one part is allocated to one team and the other to the second team. The center line of the ground is a scoring point for both teams.

How Many Players in a Team of Kabaddi

Each team has 7 members who occupied the pitch in opposite direction. 4 kabaddi players are the defenders and 3 are the raiders although there are some expert players who are more competent in raids and some are in defense.

Duration of the Kabaddi Match

The match is played for 40 minutes with two halves. Each half for 20 minutes and a 5-minute break and after the break teams exchange the side on the ground like in football and hockey.

How to Score a Point in Kabaddi


The raider attacked the opposition defenders and have to touch the player and reach back to their own half and touch the center line which is in fact the point line within 30 seconds. If he succeeds to touch the point line within 30 seconds he will earn the point otherwise the defender has to keep him blocking in his area for 30 seconds to gain the point. If the defender succeeds to block the raider for 30 seconds his team will get a point and if the raider succeeds to touch the defender and cross the point line his team will get the point. and so on this will continue for 20 minutes and then a half time and the game will start again for another 20 minutes. The team who obtained the more point will be the winner of the match.

Hockey Champions Trophy Winners

Kabaddi in Asian Games

First Asian games in 1951 the kabaddi was played as a demonstration game and no medal was announced for the winning team and again included as a demonstration game in the 1982 Asian game. The first time medal was allocated for Kabaddi in the Asian games 1990. Indian team won all the Asian games gold medals in Kabaddi from 2002 to 2014. Iran was the first team other than India who becomes the Asian Champion in Kabaddi in the 2018 Asian games.

Kabaddi World Cup

The first Kabaddi world cup was organized the by International Kabaddi Federation in 2004 which was won by India. The second edition of the kabaddi world cup was played in 2007 and the third event was played in 2016 after a gap of nine years both competitions were won by India. In 2019 a new body was established with the name World Kabaddi Federation arranged the world’s biggest world cup in April 2019 in Malaysia. Iran becomes the first country to win the gold medal in kabaddi other than India.

Popularity of Kabaddi

Due to the serious efforts of the World Kabaddi Federation, the game has gained popularity all over the world and Kabaddi events are live telecast on television screens and watched worldwide. Peoples globally shows interest in the game and kabaddi is played even in those part of the world where they are hardly familiar with this game. A lot of informative material regarding the game of kabaddi, its origin, and the areas where it was initially played as entertainment and exercise was published in the newspapers and read by the world.

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