FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar is the 22nd Edition of the world cup in the history of football since the first world cup was played in 1930 after the foundation of the FIFA organization in 1904.

Interesting Statistics of FIFA World Cup Finals

Interestingly the previous 21 Editions of FIFA World Cup Finals were played between the thirteen (13) countries of the world and all titles of 21 FIFA World Cups were shared by Eight (8) Countries between them. Apart from these 13 countries, the other nations of the world are still dreaming to win or even contest in the final for the title of the FIFA world cup. In the world, some countries feel proud and considered great owners for their country to qualify in the world cup final 32 teams.


FIFA world cup win by brazil

Brazil is the only team in the history of the FIFA World Cup who win the most titles than any other team in the world. Brazil wins the title Five (5) times the most by any team. Brazil wins 5 world cups out of 7 world cup finals he played. The details of all finals Brazil played so far in the FIFA World cup Finals

1World cup 1950 – BrazilRunner up
2World cup 1958-SwedenWinner
3World cup 1962-ChileWinner
4World cup 1970-MexicoWinner
5World cup 1994-USAWinner
6World cup 1998- FranceRunner up
7World cup 2002-Korea / JapanWinner

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FIFA world cups win by germany

Germany has won Four (4) FIFA World Cup titles and is jointly second with Itlay in the world cup winning race. Germany has played Eight (8) World Cup finals more than any team in the world including Brazil. Germany has won 4 world cup finals out of the 8 he played.

1World Cup 1954-SwitzerlandWinner
2World Cup 1966-EnglandRunner up
3World Cup 1974-West GermanyWinner
4World Cup 1982- SpainRunner up
5World Cup 1986- MexicoRunner up
6World Cup 1990-ItalyWinner
7World Cup 2002- Korea / JapanRunner up
8World Cup 2014- BrazilWinner


FIFA World cups win by italy

After Brazil’s 5 wins in the FIFA World Cups Italy is the second along with Germany for 4 FIFA World Cup wins. Itlay has won 4 FIFA World Cup Finals out of 6 Finals he played

1World Cup 1934- ItalyWinner
2World Cup 1938- FranceWinner
3World Cup 1970 – MexicoRunner up
4World Cup 1982 – SpainWinner
5World Cup 1994 – USARunner up
6World Cup 2006 – GermanyWinner


Argentina total world cup wins

Argentina is the only team who won the FIFA World Cup title thrice. Argentina won 3 World Cup Finals out of the 6 he played.

1World Cup 1930 – UruguayRunner up
2World Cup 1978-ArgentinaWinner
3World Cup 1986 – MexicoWinner
4World Cup 1990 – ItalyRunner up
5World Cup 2014 – Brazil Runner up
6World Cup 2022 – QatarWinner


FIFA world cups wins by uruguay

Uruguay, France, and Argentina are three countries that won the FIFA World Cup Twice and are jointly 3rd in the world cup winners race. Uruguay won the 2 FIFA World Cup Finals out of the 2 he played

1World Cup 1930 – UruguayWinner
2World Cup 1950 – BrazilWinner


FIFA World cups win by france

France is the third team who won the FIFA World Cup title twice like Argentina and Uruguay. France won 2 world cup finals out of 3 he played

1World Cup 1998 – FranceWinner
2World Cup 2006 – GermanyRunner up
3World Cup 2018 – RussiaWinner

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FIFA World cup win by england

England won the FIFA world cup once in the history of the world cup. England won 1 final out of 1

1World Cup 1966 – EnglandWinner


FIFA World cup win by spain

Spain is the other team who won the FIFA World Cup once. Spain Won 1 Final out of 1

1World Cup 2010 – South AfricaWinner

Chart of the FIFA World Cup Winning Teams

Serial No.Country No. Of Wold Cup Wins

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Countries Who Played FIFA World Cup Finals But Could Not Win


The Netherlands is the only team who reached the FIFA World Cup Finals 3 times but unfortunately could not win the world cup title. All three times Netherlands finished as a runner up

1World Cup 1974 – West GermanyRunner up
2World Cup 1978 – ArgentinaRunner up
3World Cup 2010 – South AfricaRunner up


Czechoslovakia is the team that two times qualified for the final of the FIFA World Cups but could not win. Czechoslovakia finished both the time as runner up

1World Cup 1934 – ItalyRunner up
2World Cup 1962 – ChileRunner up


Hungary is another unlucky team who also qualified two times in the final of the FIFA world cups but could not finish as a winner. Hungary played 2 finals 2 defeats

1World Cup 1938 – FranceRunner up
2World Cup 1954 – SwitzerlandRunner up


Sweden reached the FIFA world cup final once but could not win the title. Sweden played 1 final and finished as a runner up

1World Cup 1958 – SwedenRunner up


Croatia is another team who reached the final of the FIFA World Cup but could not win. Croatia finished as a runner up

1World Cup 2018 – RussiaRunner up

These are the countries who won the FIFA world cups so far. We are looking forward to the new world champion of the FIFA World cup 2022. To read more articles about the football world cup do visit Also, follow us on our Facebook page. To search, our articles click on the search bar below.