History of Cricket

The game of cricket starts in mid of the Nineteen,s century. The first-ever international cricket match was played between Canada and USA on 24 and 25 September 1844 and the first official test match was played between England and Australia in 1877. The competition between the two countries is called the Ashes which is played every alternate year. South Africa was the third nation that got the test status in 1889. First multinational triangle tournament (test cricket tournament) between the then test playing countries England, Australia, and South Africa. The tournament was not successful due to the bad weather, wet outfield, dump pitches, and poor audience the crowd was not encouraging. since then the international test, cricket was played in bilateral series. The test teams increased gradually with the inclusion of the West Indies in 1928, New Zealand in 1930, India in 1932, and Pakistan in 1952.

Cricket in Olympics

Cricket was only once played in the summer Olympics in the 1900 Paris Olympics. England team won the gold medal by beating France.

Start of One Day Internationals (ODI)

The first one-day international was played like test cricket again between England and Australia in 1971. This match was played in Melbourne as a replacement for a rain-affected test match.

Prudential World Cup 1975 – England

1975 world cup

This is the start of the world cup in a one-day international (ODI) format. Then the world cup was called the prudential world cup and the first three world cups were played in England. Each innings were 60 overs. Eight teams participated in the world cup six were the full members (test playing teams) and two were the associate members. (East Africa and Sri Lanka) Teams were divided into two groups. The world cup was played with a white uniform and a red ball.

Group AEnglandNew ZealandIndiaEast Africa
Group BWest IndiesAustraliaPakistanSri Lanka

The Final was played at lords between West Indies and Australia. West Indies won the world cup by 17 runs. The final scores were WI 291/8 and Australia 274 in 58.4 overs.

Prudential World Cup 1979 – England

1979 world cup

The second world cup was played in England with eight teams. six were the test-playing countries and two Canada and Sri Lanka were non-test-playing countries. (associate members)

Group AEnglandPakistanAustraliaCanada
Group BWest IndiesNew ZealandSri LankaIndia

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Again Final was played at lords between West Indies and England. West Indies won the world cup by 92 runs. The final scores were WI 286/9 England 194 in 51 overs

Prudential World Cup 1983 – England

1983 world cup

The third edition of the world cup was played in England with eight countries seven test-playing countries Sri Lanka got the status of the test team and Zimbabwe qualified through the ICC trophy. Teams played twice with each other.

Group AEnglandPakistanNew ZealandSri Lanka
Group BWest IndiesIndia AustraliaZimbabwe

The final was played at lords between India and West Indies. this is the West Indies’ conductive third world cup final but unfortunately could not complete the hat tricks of world cup wins. India beat the West Indies in a low scoring final by 43 runs. The final scores were Ind 183 West Indies 140 in 52 overs. India becomes the world champion for the first time.

Reliance World Cup 1987 – India / Pakistan

1987 world cup

The fourth edition of the world cup first time played out of England and the first time in the sub-continent. Jointly hosted by India and Pakistan. due to the shortage of daylight, the matches were reduced to 50 overs. Eight teams take part in the tournament and each team played twice.

Group AIndiaAustraliaNew ZealandZimbabwe
Group BPakistanEnglandWest IndiesSri Lanka

The final was played at Eden Garden Kolkata between Australia and England. Australia beats England with a narrow margin of only 7 runs. final scores were Aus 253/5 Eng 246/8. This is Australia’s first world cup win

Benson & Hedges World Cup 1992 – Australia / New Zealand

1992 world cup Pakistan win

The fifth edition of the world cup was played in Australia and New Zealand. Nine teams take part in the tournament as South Africa came back to International cricket after lifting the ban. The format of the tournament was changed, groups have been abolished each team played with each team, day and night matches were introduced, and matches were played with color uniforms and white balls.


The final was a day-night game played at Melbourne Cricket Ground between Pakistan and England. Pakistan won the world cup by 22 runs. the final scores were Pak 249/6 Eng. 227 in 49.2 overs. This is Pakistan’s first world cup win.

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Wills World Cup 1996 – India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka

1996 world cup

The sixth edition of the world cup was once again played in the sub-continent and jointly shared by Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. Teams have been increased from nine to twelve and divided into two groups.

Group BSA PAKNZENGUAENetherlands

The day-night final was played in Lahore between Sri Lanka and Australia. Sri Lanka beats Australia by 7 wickets with 22 balls spare. final scores were. Aus 241/7 SL 245/3 46.2 overs. Sri Lanks first time won the World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup 1999 – England

1999 world cup

The seventh edition of the world cup was played in England. The twelve teams were take part in the world cup were divided into two groups. The format of the tournament was once again changed and the super six stages were introduced. Three top teams from each group will qualify for the super six stages where each team plays with each team and the top four will qualify for the semi-finals.

Group BPAKAUS NZW IBangladeshScottland

Teams from group A South Africa, India, and Zimbabwe were qualified for the super six stages while Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand were qualified from group B

Super SixesPAKAUSSANZZimbabweIndia

The final was played at lords between Pakistan and Australia. Austalia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets with 179 balls spare. The final score was Pak 132 Aus. 133/2 in 20.1 overs. Australia completes his second win of the world cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 – South Africa / Kenya

2003 world cup

The eighth edition of the world cup was jointly hosted by South Africa and Kenya. Teams were increased from twelve to fourteen and the format was the same as in the 1999 world cup. Tree teams from each group will qualify for the super six stages where six teams will play with each other.

Pool BSLKenyaNZWISACanadaBangladesh

Australia, India, and Zimbabwe from pool A and Sri Lanka, Kenya, and New Zealand from Pool B qualified for the super sixes stage.

Super SixesAustraliaIndiaKanyaSri LankaNew ZealandZimbabwe

The final was played in Johannesburg between Australia and India. Australia won by 125 runs the final scores were Aus 359/2 and Ind 234 in 39.2 overs. This is Australia’s third world cup win and two in a row.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 – West Indies

2007 world cup

The ninth edition of the world cup 2007 was hosted by West Indies and once again the format of the tournament has been changed. the no of teams has been increased from 14 to 16 and divided into four groups. The super sixes stage has been replaced with super eights two top teams from each group will qualify for the super eight.

Group AAustraliaSouth AfricaNederlandsScotland
Group BSri LankaBangladeshIndiaBermuda
Group CNew ZealandEnglandKenyaCanada
Group DWest IndiesIrelandPakistanZimbabwe

For the super eights, the following teams were qualified. Australia and South Africa from group A, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from group B, New Zealand and England from Group C, while West Indies and Ireland from Group D

Super EightsAusSLNZSAEngWIBanIre

The final was played in Bridgetown between Australia and Sri Lanka. Australia won the rain-hit match by 53 runs (D/L method) Australia scored 281/4 in 38/38 overs and due to rain overs were reduced from 38 to 36 so the target was also reset to 269 to win but Sri Lanka finished at 215/8 36/36 overs. Australia completes the hat trick of world cup winning three in a row and overall it is 4th world cup win for Australia

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – India / Sri Lanka / Bangladesh

2011 world cup

The tenth edition of the world cup was jointly hosted by sub-continent teams India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The format of the tournament once again changed and instead of the super stage, the quarter-final stages were introduced. teams have been reduced from 16 to 14 divided into two groups of 7 teams instead of four as were in the previous world cup. The top four from each group will play the quarter-final.


Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, and New Zealand qualified for the quarter-final from group A, While Sri Lanka, India, England, and West Indies are quarter-finalists from Group B

The Day Night final of the world cup was played in Wankhede Stadium Bambay between two Asian teams and two hosts India and Sri Lanks. India won the match and world cup by 6 wickets with 10 balls to spare. the final score was SL 274/6 and IND 277/4 in 48.2 overs. This is India,s second world cup win.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 – Australia / New Zealand

2015 world cup

The eleventh edition of the world cup was played with the same pattern as we’re in the world cup 2011. Fourteen teams take part in the tournament and were divided into two groups of seven teams each. The top four teams qualified for the quarter-final stage of each group.


New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh qualified for the quarter-final from pool A while India, South Africa, Pakistan, and West Indies were from Pool B

The day-night final was played in Melbourne between the host teams New Zealand and Australia like the previous world cup 2011 where the final was also played between the host teams. Australia won the final beating New Zealand by 7 wickets with 101 balls spare. The final score was NZ 183 AUS 186/3 in 33.1 overs. This is Australia’s 5th world cup win the most by any team.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – England

2019 world cup

The twelfth edition of the world cup was played in England and the pattern once again changed and the teams were reduced to 10. All the teams are in one group and each team will play with all the other teams like in the world cup 1992. The four teams who lead the table will qualify for the semi-finals


India, Australia, England, and New Zealand were the four teams to qualify for the semi-finals of the world cup. The Final was played in Lords between New Zealand and England. The match was tied. the scores were NZ 241/8 and Eng 241 in 50 overs. To decide the match a super over was played, that was also ended in a tie. The world cup title was awarded to England on the basis of most boundaries hit by a team. This was the most exciting and thrilling final in the history of the world cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 – India

2023 world cup india

The 13th edition of the cricket world cup will be hosted by India in October – November 2023. This is the first world cup in the sub-continent which will be completely hosted by India. In previous tournaments, India was co-hosted with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Ten teams will participate in this world cup. The final of the world cup will be played on 26 November 2023.

List of ICC Cricket World Cup Winning Teams

Here is the list of ICC world cup winning teams up to the 12th edition played so far.

S.No.World CupHostWinnerRunner upScore
11975EnglandWIAUSWI won by 17 runs
21979EnglandWIENGWI Won by 92 runs
31983EnglandIndiaWIIND Won by 43 runs
41987IND/PAKAUSENGAUS won by 7 runs
51992AUS/NZPAKENGPAK won by 22 runs
61996IND/PAK/SLSLAUSSL won by 7 wickets
71999EnglandAUSPAKAUS won by 8 wickets
82003SA/KENAUSINDAUS won by 125 runs
92007WIAUSSLAus won by 53 runs
102011IND/SL/BANINDSLIND won by 6 wickets
112015AUS/NZAUSNZAUS won by 7 wickets
122019EnglandENGNZENG won in super over

Most World Cup Wins by a Country

List of most world cup wins by a team

Sr.NoTeamWinnerRunner upFinal Played
2West Indies213
5Sri Lanka123
7New Zealand022

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