Cricket is the most popular game in the world and there are some beautiful and historical cricket grounds (stadiums) in almost all cricket-playing countries. We discuss here the Largest, most historical, and smallest cricket stadiums in the world.

Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World

Some stadiums have huge cricket grounds and they are not big enough by capacity while some stadiums have bigger by capacity but have smaller grounds.

Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World by Capacity

Cricket Stadium

Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad – India

After the expansion of the stadium in 2020 the Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad in India has become the largest cricket stadium in the world having a capacity of 132,000 people and taking over the record from MCG of Australia.

MCG in Melbourne – Australia

Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia was the largest cricket ground and stadium with a capacity of over 100,000 people watching cricket. The cricket ground is still the biggest one in the world but capacity has gone to second after Ahmedabad stadium in India.

Eden Garden Kolkata – India

Eden Garden Kolkata is the third-largest cricket stadium in the world. The stadium accommodates 80,000 people.

International Cricket Stadium Raipur – India

Naya Raipur international cricket stadium in Raipur India is the fourth biggest stadium by capacity. 65,400 people can be seated and watch the match.

Optus Stadium Perth – Australia

The famous Australian ground of WACA Perth Australia is perhaps the fastest pitch on earth and the stadium’s sitting capacity is exact 65,000 and is the fifth largest stadium in the world.

Largest Cricket Stadium in the World by Ground

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Melbourne Cricket Ground – Australia

The historical Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia is the biggest ground in the world. The ground has a straight boundary of 83.43 meters and the square boundary is 86.325 meters.

Sydney Cricket Ground – Australia

Sydney cricket ground in Australia is also known as a big boundary. The measurement of the ground toward the straight is 93.72 meters and toward the square is 72.825 meters.

Singhalese Sports Club Ground Colombo – Sri Lanka

The ground is known as SSC Colombo in Sri Lanka and is the third biggest ground in the world. The straight boundary is 86.095 meters and the square boundary is 77.02 meters.

Hagley Oval Christchurch – New Zealand

Normally in New Zealand, most of the grounds have small boundaries but few have the biggest boundaries. Hagley Oval in Christchurch is one of the biggest boundaries in the world. The straight boundary is 83.575 meters and the square boundary is 77.455 meters.

Basin Reserve Wellington – New Zealand

Wellington ground in New Zealand has another ground that has the biggest boundaries. The straight boundary is 81.7 meters and the square boundary is 72.48 meters.

Historical Grounds in Cricket

There are many cricket grounds in the world the historical backgrounds but here we discuss only two grounds of the world that has the most significant and historical importance. These grounds are the dream grounds for any cricketer in the world.

Lords Cricket Ground – England

Lords Cricket Ground in London is also known as the “home of cricket” This ground was founded by Thomas Lord in 1787. The lord’s cricket ground is one of the most beautiful grounds of cricket in England. Every cricketer in the world has a dream to play at Lord’s cricket ground and to score a century here is always an honor to the batsman and his name is entered in the honor board of the lord’s cricket ground.

Melbourne Cricket Ground – Australia

The Melbourne cricket ground is another historical cricket ground in the history of world cricket. The first ever cricket test in the history of the game was played here in 1877 between Australia and England. The century test is also played here in 1977. Australia has a tradition of boxing day test matches which starts on 26 December each year and all the boxing day tests are played at MCG.

Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the World

Smallest cricket stadium

There are few grounds and stadiums in the world that are very small boundaries and seating capacity.

Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the World by Boundary

According to the ICC’s rule, the boundary should not be small than 59.3 meters and not greater than 82.29 meters. The size or diameter of the ground can be between 137 meters to 150 meters.

Eden Park Auckland – New Zealand

Eden park Auckland in New Zealand is the smallest stadium in the world. The boundary is very small perhaps the smallest in the world. The 55 meters is the shortest part of the ground and it is a straight boundary while the square boundary is 68 meters. Normally the high-scoring matches are played here due to the small boundary. The seating capacity of this ground is only 42,000 people.

The Wanderers Johannesburg – South Africa

The wanderer’s cricket ground in Johannesburg South Africa is another small ground in the world. The Square boundary is just 64 meters. The high scoring one-day international was played here between South Africa and Australia in which both teams scored over 400 runs. The sitting capacity of this ground is only 34,000 spectators.

Lord’s London – England

The home of cricket the Lord’s cricket ground in London is also a small ground as its square boundary is just 65 meters.

Eden Garden Kolkata – India

Eden Garden Kolkata has a huge sitting capacity but has a small ground square of the ground is only 66 meters.

Holkar Stadium Indore – India

Holkar stadium Indore is a small ground and the straight boundary is only 68 meters perhaps the shortest in the world. Indian national team has played ODI here against England in 2006 and since then it is used for T20I and Test matches.

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