Teacher the Piller of the Society

“He distributes light like the sun, and when the sun sinks it gives birth to stars.” It is said that a man has three fathers. One is the father who brings the man into the world, one is the father who settles him in the house like the father in law and the third is who made him a human being, made him a man out of the beast, enlightened his chest with knowledge, by which he could reach the stars, earns sustenance and become a beneficial being. Kudos to the united nations, which made a comprehensive list of international days and put them before the nations which decided to celebrate the day of those who share good deeds. If billions of people are living well on this earth, then the title, cause, background, and foreground of this is the teacher, can anyone imagine success without one? no, then consider the teacher as the teacher, greet him every moment, make your mind a mirror, and live watching the teacher.

UNESCO, a subsidiary of the united nations, held in 1994 that teachers day is also to be celebrated, October 5 was chosen for this. The popularity of this day in the state become a good topic during the era of General Pervaiz Musharraf, Salam teachers and then this series continued. Alone materialism, like the entire society, has destroyed teachers and students the mission turned out to be a little dusty. Caravan around the teacher, as the relationship is weak, I have flourished as a disciple of reward and mercenary and without color. Now let’s say hello on Teachers day, at least one day was available to great teachers. It is fact that every aspect of life was affected by the code, while education became more degraded. In this context for the year 2021, UNESCO has named world teacher’s day as, ” Teachers are the heart of education” This year i-e 2022, world teacher’s day is divided into “the journey of education begins in this way” the united nations UNESCO presented a distribution for teacher’s day in view of covid-19.

Thinking and its types

A teacher is a beacon light that illuminates a child’s path

The purpose of celebrating this day is to salute teachers around the world. Presents and highlight their place in society, there is a saying in the English language that “a teacher is a beacon light that illuminates a child’s path” Sikandar Azam used to say that my parents brought me down to the earth and the teachers raised me to the height of the sky. today if you see any successful person in the world, behind that successful person there is a teacher who has shown his student the way to success.

The value of the noble prize is less than your one rupee

Nobel prize-winning scientist Dr. Abdus Salam named the prize in the name of his teacher and said, I have come to the conclusion, but don’t be entitled to the first prize, if you don,t give me a rupee in the class to encourage me. in my view, the value of this noble prize is less than your one rupee. once Aristotle said that those who teach children respect them. Parents give you birth, but their teachers are the ones who learn you hos live your life.

Significance and usefulness of teachers in western countries and Pakistan

Teachers day

The rules of western countries and Pakistan, the significance and usefulness of this day are opposite. Western nations have given teachers a respectable and visible position in society. on the other hand, people of every community and every wald of life give respect and dignity to the teachers, while in Pakistan they are considered less important people. In the west, it is the primary responsibility of the rulers to meet all the needs of teachers. Those people spare no effort in giving the teachers all the luxuries and privileges of daily life in order to equip the children of the nation with education with peace and contentment of heart. while in Pakistan, there are many plans and schemes made but those do not bring name and fame to the teachers. Western countries make their national language the medium of education while we are still in the cycle of Urdu and English. This is the reason why the education system is in a bad state. On October 5, on the occasion of Salam teacher’s day, the rulers of western countries give more good news to the teachers without asking and without any demand on this day. From such situations and events, it is clear that in western countries and in our country the difference in the respect and dignity of teachers are huge like the difference between the earth and the sky.

Respect of Teachers in Islam

Our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also taught the ummah as a teacher of self-purification, taught knowledge and wisdom, and taught all the things that the ummah did not know. There is no doubt that the teacher is the architect of any nation. There is no distinction between where he built the nation and in which science and art he build it. If the west is ruling the entire world in the academic and scientific world, it is due to the teacher. We have to put out hands on our hearts and seriously think about the area in which the west is not ruling us. From the product to the govt. system and from civilization and culture to education and research west is dominant in every field.

Space is made for the teacher

In the western world even today, even if there is no space in public transport, space is made for the teacher. In western courts, the teacher is more respected than any other person. Even today a student with remarkable success salutes his teachers at the first opportunity like this is how a constable salutes his superior in Pakistan. History is witness to the fact that famous people of the world used to stand with their hands folded in front of their teachers.

Why did Allama Iqbal refuse to accept the title of Sir?

When the British Government offered Hazrat Allama Iqbal the title of Sir, Iqbal refused and said that before me, my teacher Maulvi Mir Hasan should be given the title of Shamas-ul-Ulma.

Qualities of the Role Model Teacher

There is no doubt that a teacher should be a guide and a friend. The teacher should satisfy their students with rational and moral arguments in a friendly environment. the teacher should be visionary, must be free from prejudice, hatred, and enmity, must be punctual, be polite and behave with students. The students should listen to the teacher, answer questions seriously, obey the order of Shariat, and must be experts in their subject. Adopting your teaching and learning techniques to suit the taste and mental levels of your students is the mark of an exemplary and successful teacher. It is also not appropriate to share personal problems with students. Taking care of your posture is also considered important nowadays.

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