Types of Passes

The game of football is an art of coordination, the use of skill, the presence of mind, and the combined efforts of the 11 players. While playing together the mutual understanding and mind reading of each other has significantly developed which helps them to take the proper position with no time to receive the ball. The moves are made through beautiful passes which break the defense line of the opponent and create the opportunity to score goals. There are many types of passes in football.

Types of passes in football

Short Pass (Push Pass)

The most regularly used pass in football is a short pass which is commonly known as the push pass as well. This pass is normally through to the nearest teammate with the inner side of the foot.

Long Pass

This type of pass is normally used to through the ball to the player on the other part of the ground who has more space to make a useful move. this pass can be on the ground or use the areal space.

Through Pass

It is a forward pass using the free space between the opposition defenders to through the ball to a teammate. The receiving player of this pass comes from the other part of the ground.

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Backward Pass

This type of pass is given to the player who is behind you and the direction of this pass is toward your own side or playing area. The defensive player receives the ball and passes it on to another player who has some space to forward the ball.

Sideways Pass

This pass is like a backward pass the aim is to keep control of the ball.

Forward Pass

It is a direct pass to a teammate with the aim to attack the opponent’s goal to create the opportunity to score the goal.

Cross Pass

This type of pass is given by the sideline player toward the plant area from one side to the other side passing in front of the goalposts. This pass creates the opportunity to score by any of the forward players.

Give and Go Pass

It is also called the wall pass and is given a two vs one situation. the pass given to the defender then goes forward, creates a space, and receives back the pass from the defender

One-Touch Pass

Is a such kind of pass where the player receives the ball from a teammate and passes it on to the other player with one touch. One touch means that the player did,t keep the position or dribbled with the ball before passing it on to another player.

Backheel Pass

This is a special pass where the footballer uses the back side of the foot to pass on the ball to another teammate. The execution of this pass is very difficult only expert players use this pass which has a lot of practice and perfection.

How many minutes in a football game?

Normally a football match is played for 90 minutes (45 minutes a half). After 45 minutes there is a break of 15 minutes to start the second half of 45 minutes. This duration is for the professional football match. If the match is drawn during the normal time of 90 minutes, to decide the match an extra time of 30 minutes is allowed for the teams which were two halves of 15 minutes each. In some cases, the extra 30 minutes are played on a sudden-death basis which means as soon as a team scored the goal the match is finished. If there is no result in the extra 30 minutes then each team is awarded 5 penalties to get the result of the match.

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