Volleyball is a team game played in two teams of six players each. Teams are separated by a net. Team score points by grounding the ball in the opposite court under the established rules. The game was invented by William G. Morgan in 1895 but it became the part of Olympics in 1964.

Size of Volleyball Court

The standard size of a volleyball court is 9 meters wide and 18 meters in length which is divided by a 2.7 meters high net.

Rules of the Game

There are three main rules of volleyball games. Number 1 there will be only six players on the court at one stage or given time three in the front row and three in the back. Number 2. The point is scored on winning every serve rally (rally point scoring) Number 3. The player is not allowed to hit the ball twice in succession and a block is not considered a hit.

All Positions in volleyball

Volleyball positions

There are six playing positions on a volleyball court. The name of the positions is 1. Setter, 2. Outside Hitter or Left Hitter, 3. Opposite Hitter, 4. Middle Blocker, 5 Libro 6, Defensive Specialist.


The most common question is What does a setter do in Volleyball? The setter is the most hardest and skilled position on the volleyball court and is considered the in charge and leader of the team on the court. Normally the setter gets the second ball up for one of the hitters of the team. The team coaches use the letter S for Setter during the coaching and practice sessions.

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Outside Hitter or Left Hitter

The outside hitter also known as the left hitter is the main offensive player and aggressive performer when the attack hits.


Opposite Hitter or Right Side Hitter

An opposite hitter or right-side hitter has a dual skill of offense and defense. He can hit the ball from the front and back row and when required he set the ball for a quick attack if the setter is unable to do. The reason to call him the opposite hitter is because he is on the opposite side of the powerful (left) hitter.

Middle Blocker

The middle blocker is in the first line of defense against the opponent’s team. He is too intelligent and a mind-reading player who quickly read the mind of the opposite attacker and raises his arms to block the attacking attempt. He plays a vital role in the team’s defense.


A Libro is also known as a defensive specialist. The word Libro means Free in the Italian language and this position was introduced by Italy in the late 80s and early 90s. A specialist defensive player is free to roam in and out to play defensive in back-row positions. The concept behind this position is purely a defensive one and Libro can’t take part in the offense. A Libro can replace a back-row player at any stoppage time. He is such vigilant and talented that he guide the attacker about the vacant space in the court on the other side of the net. Libro wears a different color of shirt than the other teammates the reason behind this is that the referee knows and recognizes him as Libro and applies the rules of Libro. The Libro can’t spike the ball anywhere if it’s higher or above the height of the net. Libro can not serve the ball and can’t block or attempt to block the ball.

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Defensive Specialist

The difference between the defensive specialist and Libro is that the Defensive player can play at any spot in the court while the Libro will sub out in the back row only. A defensive specialist can play in the front row if required while Libro can’t. A defensive specialist is a very key position on the volleyball court.

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