Psychology is derived from two words, ‘psyche’ means mindand ‘logos’ means the study of. In simple words, Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. How a person thinks, perceives, and feels depends on a person’s mind. Psychology helps us to understand the different phenomena of the human mind. After understanding a person’s psyche a psychologist can change a person’s mental process and behavior. Mental processes include motives, thoughts, and feelings that a person experiences privately or in public. These feelings can be love, hate, anger, and happiness. Behavior is everything that we do in our daily life like cry, sleep, walk, run, ride, etc. Psychologists seek to understand the most complicated thing in the world i.e. humans. Psychology is a field that becomes the need of every organization. Every organization or institute hires a psychologist.

Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist

Many people got confused between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Here is a simple difference that will help you to understand.

A psychologist cannot prescribe medicine.A psychiatrist can prescribe medicine.
A psychologist treats a person through counseling ( by talking) and psychotherapy.A psychiatrist treats a person through medicines.
A psychologist has a degree in psychology.A psychiatrist has a degree in medicine.
It’s a 4-year degree program.It’s a 5-year degree program.
A psychologist deals with the human mind, behavior, and emotions.A psychiatrist deals with emotional and behavioral mental disorders.

Both fields have their own benefits. They both treat people with their own methods.

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Myths and Truths of Psychology

There are some common psychology myths.

Myths and Misconceptions about Psychology

  • A psychologist can read what is in your mind.
  • Only those people go to a psychologist who is abnormal.
  • Psychologists can only do jobs in a hospital.
  • After studying psychology you will also become an abnormal person.

Truth about Psychology

What is Psychology
  • A psychologist can never read your mind. They just observe people’s behavior through their body language, their thinking pattern, and how they perceive things. When a mentally disturbed person is talking with a psychologist and sharing his/her problem, during that time a psychologist is reading your facial expressions, body gestures, and postures. How do you are perceiving this problem and how do you want to solve this?
  • This is a common misconception that only those people go to psychologists who are abnormal. There are a lot of ups and downs in human life. They faced a lot of difficulties in their life. Due to this, a person can go through depression, anxiety, stress, and any other kind of mental illness. Those people who think it’s a shame to go to a psychologist are thinking wrong. People start to suppress their mental condition and it turns out to become worse. A psychologist only gives you some psychotherapy or you can say some kind of activities that will help you to deal with your mental illness.
  • If you don’t want to work in a hospital and want to open your own clinic. After doing your bachelor’s degree, you have to do masters in clinical psychology after that you can open your own clinic. There are more other options like you can do the teaching. Educational institutes, Army selection centers, Civil Services Selection Board, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) Research centers everyone need a psychologist in their institute. After completing your education you can also work in the HRM (Human Resource Management) department of any organization or company.
  • When you start studying psychology many people will say to you that it can make you abnormal or crazy. Don’t hear them. Psychology is a field that starts changing a person’s mindset or perception of the world. You start perceiving things in a new and different way. You deeply start observing human behavior and start thinking that what was the reason behind his/her behavior.

Goals of Psychology

Goals of Psychology

Some goals of psychology are

  • Psychology helps to improve the quality of a person’s life.
  • Psychology helps a person to control their anger, smoking, and other bad habits.
  • Psychology helps to describe a problem by collecting relevant data. Data will be in the form of observation. The description is important for understanding any phenomenon.
  • Psychology explains and understands human behavior that what is the reason that he/she doing this. It explains the reasons behind human every action by conducting experiments.
  • Psychology predicts when or where a person does these actions or behavior. Prediction can be done with the help of measurements. Through measurements, we can predict what a person will do in the future.
  • One of the aim of psychology is to change human behavior. Predictions and measurements help a psychologist to change a person’s behavior.

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